The US Defense department donated a DNA sequencer to the Diagnosis and Epidemic Reference Institute (InDRE) that will help detect infectious diseases and advance in virus and bacteria research.

Drug prices go up to 13.4 percent due to dollar prices, the most affected are contraceptive and diabetes treatment.

Fundación Carlos Slim is now supporting Médico en Tu Casa. The healthcare initiative received 286 tablets to digitalize patients data. Also, several organizations donated MS$170 million for the program’s medical supplies and transportation vehicles.

Diets high in sugar and lack of hygiene are causing cavities on two year old children and younger.


Novartis may spin off Alcon, its ailing eye care business,  after announcing a 11 percent decrease in Q416.

Healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson has announced the acquisition of Actelion for US$30 billion, this move will strengthen J&J’s pharma portfolio Janssen with Actelion’s rare disease treatments.

Johnson & Johnson JNJ jumped 1.7 percent in Q416, up to US$18.1 billion from US$17.8 in Q415, according to its results released last week.

The global statins market is expected to reach US$1 trillion by 2020, treating an estimated 1 billion people worldwide; however, experts doubt about the benefits of this widely prescribe drug.


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