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A media report suggesting leading presidential candidate Andres Manuel López Obrador has health issues prompted a call at last night’s second debate for all contenders to undergo a medical exam. With six weeks to go before Mexico’s July 1 general elections, the presidential candidates met on Sunday for the second debate in Tijuana, Baja California.

Prior to the debate, media questioned López Obrador’s health. López Obrador, running on coalition Juntos Harémos Historia ticket, was quick to deny having any health issues, saying “I’m doing great, I’m feeling great, I get an electrocardiogram every time I visit the doctor and I’m at 100 percent.” But that did little to put the topic to rest. While no presidential candidate specifically pinpointed López Obrador’s health during the debate, Ricardo Anaya, the candidate for Coalición por México al Frente, proposed that all candidates submit to a medical exam: “In any case, it would be healthy, for all candidates to make our health status public but I’m not directly questioning any candidate,” he said.

The topic was not addressed during the debate by the other two presidential candidates, José Antonio Meade and Jaime Rodríguez Calderón. Independent candidate Margarita Zavala dropped out of the race last week.

The third presidential debate, which will be hosted on June 12 in Merida under moderators Carlos Puig, Gabriela Warkentin and Javier Alatorre, will focus on economic growth, education, science, sustainable development, healthcare and climate change. This last debate will be an opportunity for candidates to propose policies for the many areas influencing the health of Mexicans, from increasing access to food to exploring the role clinical trials can play in Mexico’s economic development.

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