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A recent study by the Imperial College London attributes the incidence of cancer to high body mass index (BMI) and diabetes. The study finds both conditions as high risk factors in combination with the sex of the patient and the country of origin.

According to the research group and the International Agency for Cancer Research data, 5.6% of all the cancers that occurred in 2012 were attributable to the combined effects of diabetes and high BMI, which led to the appearance of 792,000 new cases.

The study found that in 2012 most cases of cancer related to a high BMI (higher than 25kg/m2) and diabetes occurred in Western countries, representing 38 percent of cases, followed by Eastern and Southeastern Asia countries, with 24 percent of the cases. According to the WHO, approximately 422 million adults in the world suffer diabetes.

In Mexico, 10 percent of the population suffer diabetes and almost 63 percent is overweight, while 27 percent is obese, according to the WHO. Besides, there are 190,000 new cancer diagnosis every year. In 2015, 85,000 Mexicans died due to cancer according to INCan. The most common types are leukemia, liver, cervical, breast, lung, prostate and lymphoma cancers.

The study, published in The Lancet by the end of 2017, indicates liver and endometrium cancer are the most prevalent types of cancer link to high BMI and diabetes.


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