IMSS Director, Mikel Arriola, and OECD Secretary General, José Angel Gurría, signed three agreements this week to extend the Mexican government’s commitment to the organization’s recommendations on cooperation, transparency and good practices on the health sector’s public purchases and process simplification.

The agreements are destined to improve the consolidated purchasing model and the digital strategy that IMSS has developed in the current administration, and also to decrease the risk of collusion.

During a press conference on Monday, Gurría hailed the IMSS’ ongoing progress since 2012, when the institution adopted the OECD recommendation on acquisitions to achieve better quality and more quantity. According to IMSS, the consolidated purchase for 2017 benefits 38 public entities and represents an investment of MX$50.6 billion (US$2.7 billion). Over the past three years the institution has saved MX$6 billion due to this strategy, said Arriola in a press release. Also, during 2016 over 18 million people stopped doing in-person filing thanks to digitalization. They plan to completely eliminate in-person filing by 2018, said the IMSS.

The first of the three agreements signed by Arriola and Gurría pledged IMSS to continue following OECD recommendations. The second one commits both institutions to develop a study to analyze and evaluate policies, systems and processes in public purchases to make them more efficient. The third agreement focuses on evaluating the impact of digitalization and process simplification to understand the economic savings this represents for companies and citizens.

Gurría congratulated IMSS for rising integrity and transparency, stressing that these improvements impact drug purchasing, creating the possibility to serve more patients with the same amount of money.




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