2016 ended in good numbers for Swiss pharmaceutical group Roche. Their sales increased 4 percent during the last year, up to CHF50.6 billion (US$50.9 billion).

Pharmaceutical Division sales grew 3 percent to US$39.3 billion in 2016, mainly due to Pejeta and Herceptin – both medicines for cancer treatment – and Actemra/RoActemra, for arthritis. On the diagnostic division, sales grew 7 percent up to US$11.5 billion in the full year. The growth was mainly driven by immunodiagnostic solutions.

Severin Schwan, Roche’s CEO, measured 2016’s success by the advances in the company’s pipeline. “It has been an extraordinary year for us in terms of launches. In the history of Roche we have never seen so many in such a short time,” said Schwan on Wednesday during the Full Year Results Conference.

The company had several launches during 2016. Tecentriq, Roche’s first cancer immunotherapy, focus on bladder and lung cancer, and Cobas e 801 module, a high-volume testing immunoassay solution which already sold in Europe and soon to be released in the US.

“It was a very good year in terms of portfolio progress and 2017 remains very exciting with significant read outs coming,” said Schwan, as several therapies for cancer and hemophilia are in their final trial stages in 2017.

Regarding the Core Earnings per Share (EPS) growth, it was in line with the sales growth, 5 percent up to US$14.6 million, while dividends grew 8.2 percent during the year.


Take a look at the final report here.



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