Carlos Hernández, Director General of Beckman Coulter, spoke to Mexico Health Review on the testing equipment the company is introducing and how it will benefit local hospitals.

Q: What opportunities have you identified in Mexico in 2018 for your diagnostics portfolio?

A: We are facing different challenges in 2018. Some government contracts will expire or have already expired and have not yet been assigned, which is an opportunity to boost our business. However, the big government hospitals are looking to reduce their budgets. This brings a challenge to companies like ours to provide cost effective, efficient solutions to this important sector of the market.

In the case of private laboratories, some of them have merged and are consolidating their operations, including the integration of production plants to generate economies of scale and growth in efficiency and capacity. International players from South America and Europe are also looking at Mexico as an investment opportunity. We are also seeing a great opportunity in the health-related services companies oriented to a large part of the population with low resources or with no healthcare coverage.

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Q: Of Beckman Coulter’s recent innovations, which would provide the greater benefit for the Mexican health system?

A: In 2017, we launched two product platforms: the DxH500, a medium-sized machine that does five-part hematology, and the DxC700AU, a platform directed to the middle segment. We are producing these types of innovation because we are aware that the market in countries like Mexico has specific needs. We also launched the P2PSA assay for prostate cancer diagnosis, as we believe P2PSA can be an important diagnostic tool in the coming years as it helps reduce risks and discomfort of biopsy for the patient. Applying this test instead of taking a biopsy could help reduce spending by 60 to 70 percent.

Q: Beckman Coulter offers a test that could help identify heart attacks in patients when they arrive to an ER. When will this be available in Mexico?

A: Our high sensibility troponin test is in the registration phase in Mexico. It will bring a wide margin of opportunities because this test can help professionals recognize in a shorter time if the patient that comes into the ER with heart attack symptoms has already suffer one or not. This could help shorten admission times for patients and avoid saturation at ERs, as well as to avoid discharging patients to their homes who indeed have suffered a heart attack.


This is a fragment of the complete interview published on Mexico Health Review 2018. For more information on this publication and where to find it, please click here.


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