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IMSS will invest MX$217 million to repair damages after the earthquake in hospitals in Morelos.

MX$320 million invested in a new hospital in Lerma, Estado de México, that will serve 92.000 people.

Thirty-four companies win tenders for more than MX$436 million to supply medical devices to IMSS facilities.

The 2017 National Survey on Addictions will research for the genetic components in the addiction to alcohol and drugs.




Michael W. Young, Michael Rosbash and Jeffrey C. Hall won Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology for research in biological clock.

PAHO published Health in the Americas + 2017 Report.

FDA is taking advantage of policy groundwork laid in past years to speed drug approvals.

Gilead is licensing its newest HIV drug candidate, Bictegravir, to the UN Backed Medicines Patent Pool, to be produced and sold at a lower cost in low and middle-income countries upon approval.

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