Trump nominates Alex Azar, former US Eli Lilly President, as the new Secretary of Health.

The DNA vaccine against Zika produces an immune response in the Phase 1 trial.

Canada has become the first country to approve Shingrix, GSK’s shingles vaccine.

Propeller launches API that predicts local asthma conditions through sensors in inhalers.

Scientist study a prototype breath test that detects six different odors or volatile organic compounds to spot cases of malaria.


Mexico aims to become a leader in medical tourism with its health and wellness services.

Mexico’s diabetes emergency demands immediate action.

Mexico has one of the top vaccine schemes in the world, says Director of Mexico’s General Hospital.

CINVESTAV analyzes impact of breast milk hormones properties on preventing obesity.

Ministry of Health celebrated the third race of Moviendo a México por tu Salud.

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