Mexico’s Tax Administration Services (SAT) will return taxes to tax payers who infer nutritionist costs, in an attempt to reduce levels of obesity.

A group of researchers of the University of Veracruz discovered that blue corn extract could bring benefits that prevent metabolic syndrome.

Mexico’s General Hospital Dr. Eduardo Liceaga (HGM) runs a successful program to encourage healthy habits and prevent diabetes and obesity in children and adults.

IMSS announced the construction of a new facility in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, with an investment of MX$1000 million.


President Donald Trump could bring major changes to healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry.

Tobacco consumption could have negative effects on vision, according to Spanish experts.

Obesity becomes a real issue in China, recent study shows there is a greater percentage of obese men and women there than in the US.

Patent protection in the US might be out of control.

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