Mexico’s Attorney General and the Ministry of Health joined efforts to promote organ donation and eradicate illegal organ trafficking in the wake of National Organ Donation and Transplant Day.

During a ceremony celebrated last Thursday September 23 to commemorate the date, Mexico’s Attorney General Arely Gómez said her institution will provide human and material resources to help transport organs, according press release from the Ministry of Health. Also she mentioned the institution will promote an organ donation campaign among its over 21,000 employees.

Mexico´s Attorney General said they have start cooperating with the national health system by transporting organs. However, the current organ demand requires bigger efforts. According to the Ministry of Health, there are 20,000 people in Mexico’s waiting list for organs or tissue donation

Health Minister José Narro also asked for a more professional system to fight illegal organ traffic.

The National Transplant Center (CENATRA) and the Federal Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) are also participating in this new agreement. They are charged with supervising the transparency and equality of the transplant system, and also with bringing about more awareness about the importance of organ donation in Mexico’s population.



Procuraduría General de la República

Secretaría de Salud


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