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The national healthcare panorama had its ups and downs over the week. COFEPRIS announced that guidelines regarding control of cannabis could be revoked. The Lancet Commission revealed Mexico surpasses the number of recommended surgeons, while the market has become a witness to the birth of a new start up specialized in IT and healthcare.

In international news, the largest pharmaceutical industry merger in history is close to become a reality, while a highly renowned institute opened the first international medical device evaluation center outside the US.

Before jumping into the news, don’t miss our Interview of the Week. Mexico Health Review talked to José Mora, CEO and Co-founder of Farmalisto in Mexico and Colombia, and José Crespo, CEO of Farmalisto Mexico, about how pharmacies have become key players in increasing access to health products in Mexico.




The Ministry of Health, through COFEPRIS, revoked the guidelines controlling the use of cannabis and its derivatives due to a lack of compliance with the framework of the General Health Law of 2017. Among the companies that licensed permits from the Ministry of Health are CBD Science, Endo Natura, CBD Life, Afinat Mexico, Magisterial Pharmacies and Organic Oils of America.

The Lancet CLoGs Commision reported Mexico has a large number of surgeons in the country, even beyond what is recommended by the agency. However, the volume of procedures is significantly lower than the minimum of 5,000 per 100,000 inhabitants established as an objective for 2030.

Blankit, a start-up specialized in IT for healthcare, arrived to the market to disrupt medical technology by incorporating innovative technologies that improve patient care and doctors’ practice. Blankit is already operating at the Zambrano Hellion hospital, the San José hospital, ITESM’s Hospital and soon at Médica Sur and Hospital Ángeles in Acoxpa.


Bristol-Myers announced its plans to buy Celgene in a cash and stock transaction valued at roughly $74 billion. This would bring together companies that specialize in oncology and cardiovascular drugs, representing the largest pharmaceutical industry merger ever.

ECRI Institute opened the first international medical device evaluation center outside the US. It will conduct rigorous hands-on testing and evaluation of devices to help medical professionals make informed decisions that improve patient safety. The independent lab will be located in Selangor, Malaysia and will evaluate medical devices across Europe and Asia.

Alessa Flores

by Alessa Flores

Industry Analyst and Journalist at Mexico Business Publishing

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