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This was a week of taking action to strengthen the healthcare system in Mexico. Local authorities in northern states held an event to promote medical tourism and the medical device sector in the country. Meanwhile, the National Institute of Psychiatry highlighted the need to improve medical health attention for the entire population. Also, this was the First National Health Week 2019 organized by the Ministry of Health.

Beyond our borders, GE announced the sell of one of its business units, while Chinese human right activists accuse the government of trying to control the population through genetic tests.

Before jumping into the news, don’t forget to check out our Interview of the Week. Mexico Health Review talked to Roberto Tapia-Conyer, CEO of Fundación Carlos Slim, about the organization’s role in helping to improve healthcare in Mexico.

Ready for more? Here’s what made the headlines over the week!



  • GE announced on Monday the sell of its Biopharma unit to Danaher for US$21.4 billion to pay off debt and move on with its business transformation. Last year, GE was removed from the Dow Jones listing due to a fall in businesses and a subsequent fall in share prices.
  • China wants to make the country predominantly Muslim to be more subservient to the Communist Party. According to human rights groups and Uighur activists, the government has organized a campaign to collect genetic material that could be used to create a comprehensive DNA database to chase down any Uighurs who resist conforming to communist practices.
Alessa Flores

by Alessa Flores

Industry Analyst and Journalist at Mexico Business Publishing

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