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Overweight and obesity are a growing problem in Mexico. Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk announced a millionaire investment in clinical research and drugs for the treatment of diabetes in the country. Meanwhile, UNAM, through the Faculty of Higher Studies (FES) reported the development of a tortilla designed to combat malnutrition, obesity and diabetes.

Internationally, prescription drugs for cholesterol treatment top the list of top-selling medicines and Sanofi, the French pharmaceutical company, positioned itself as the biggest Clexane manufacturer. Also, the Health Science division of food company Nestlé launched a new line of low-sugar supplements.

Before jumping into the news, don’t miss our Interview of the Week. Mexico Health Review talked to Román Rosales, former Minister of Health of Mexico City, about the possible economic and productivity impact of chronic degenerative diseases for the entire population.


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Alessa Flores

by Alessa Flores

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