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It was a good week for the healthcare sector. As the world dusts off its pink ribbons for the start of the World Breast Cancer Awareness month, three pharmaceuticals announced three new promising drugs: Roche received FDA approval for its treatment of hemophilia, Eli Lilly reported extremely positive results for its new diabetes drug and J&J allied with Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals to develop a Hepatitis B treatment. Mexico, Canada and the US have finally reached an agreement on trade; read how new USMCA may affect healthcare in Mexico here.

In local news, Mexico’s President-elect reiterated his decision to move the Ministry of Health to a different state, the current Minister of Health announced of dozens of cases of misuse of public funds and an industry chamber stated that current sugar policies have reduced consumption by 5 percent.

Mexico Health Review spoke with Carlos Hernández, General Manager at Beckman Coulter, on the testing equipment the company is introducing.

Now jump into last week’s highlights:


President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador reiterated his plan to move the Ministry of Health to Guerrero. The state welcomed the move and even offered a building.

The National Chamber of the Food and Alcohol Industries (CNIAA) stated that current campaigns to decrease sugar consumption have managed to lower sugar intake by 5 percent.

Minister of Health, Jose Narro, informed of 70 complaints of misuse of public funds received by the Attorney General (PGR) for a total of MX$1.15 billion.



October means dressing in pink for the World Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a disease that is expected to kill 627,000 women in 2018.

J&J and Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals launch big bet to develop and market the latter’s Hepatitis B treatment. The announcement of the deal, which is estimated to be worth US$3.7 billion, sent J&J shares up by 20 percent.

Eli Lilly’s diabetes and obesity drug, Trulicity, reports impressive results in decreasing blood sugar and body weight, elevating the pharmaceutical’s shares to record high.

Roche gets FDA approval for the sale of breakthrough hemophilia drug, Hemlibra. This drug is expected to bring the pharmaceutical up to US$5 billion per year.

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