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This past week, the State of Mexico was in the spotlight, both for good and bad. On the bright side, the state is consolidating its position as a hub for the pharmaceutical industry in the country. On the darker side, the state is No. 1 for a number of deaths due to influenza.

On the international scene, the world’s largest medical devices company faced allegations about the security of its medical devices and according to American authorities, this security breach could make them vulnerable to hacking.

Mexico Health Review spoke with Alejandro Luna, Partner, and LifeSciences Co-Chair at Olivares on the local and international regulatory environment of the health industry.



  • Alfredo del Mazo, Governor of the State of Mexico, inaugurated the Laboratorios Liomont plant in the locality. The State of Mexico has become the main center of operation and distribution for the pharmaceutical industry with 10 percent of total economic revenues and 20 percent of the industry’s employees.





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    US Department of Homeland Security has reported that some Medtronic products have a serious security breach. It said a hacker could take control of Medtronic defibrillators, causing harm to the patient. These devices have been sold worldwide, and some are still for sale.


  • Engineers from Rutgers University-New Brunswick report the creation of flexible, lightweight materials using 4D printing that could lead to small implantable biomedical devices. Creator Howon Lee says 4D printing uses special materials and sophisticated designs to print objects that change shape according to environmental conditions like temperature.
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by Alessa Flores

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