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Hepatitis deaths now outnumber those of HIV, malaria and tuberculosis, individually, raising calls for better prevention strategies. Takeda gets its shareholders to approve its acquisition of Shire, Sanofi aims to create a digital asthma laboratory, Johnson & Johnson announced US$500 million investment in cancer therapy and GlaxoSmithKline will acquire biotech Tesaro for US$5.1 billion.

In Mexico, the new Minister of Health filled seven key positions including COFEPRIS Commissioner and the country will have its first industry chamber for cannabis related products.

Mexico Health Review spoke to Antonio Carrasco, Director General of PLM, on the ways technology is increasingly changing healthcare.

Now jump into last week’s highlights:



Manufacturers and distributors of cannabis-containing medication, foods and cosmetics have allied to form the first Industry Chamber of Cannabis of Mexico.

The new Minister of Health, Jorge Alcocer, announced the new representatives for seven key positions within his administration, including José Alonso Novelo as Commissioner of COFEPRIS.



Hepatitis deaths rise to 1.4 million globally, surpassing the death toll of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

Johnson & Johnson to invest US$500 million with Netherlands-based argenx to develop a cancer therapy. Johnson & Johnson division Janssen will make an initial payment of US$300 million and Johnson & Johnson Innovation will invest US$200 million.

Sanofi partners with Mount Sinai Health System to create a digital asthma laboratory that will follow 1,200 asthmatics for five years to identify biomarkers that might predict an attack.

Takeda shareholders approve Shire’s acquisition, which will place the former as one of the Top 10 drugmakers worldwide.

GlaxoSmithKline to buy oncology biotech Tesaro for US$5.1 billion to strengthen its oncology pipeline.

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