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The healthcare sector had an interesting week. In Mexico the legalization of marijuana kept taking slow but steady steps forward, giant pharmacy-chain Farmacia Benavides reported a strong second quarter and local researchers linked obesity with neurodegeneration. In less positive news, the number of complaints on the misuse of public funds for healthcare increased.

In international news, November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, a joint effort from many institutions worldwide that aims to increase awareness of the dangers the deadliest cancer poses. Novartis cut its research projects in an effort to reduce development costs but two different research groups introduced wristbands that predict depression and a spray that protects against flu based in llama-antibodies.

Mexico Health Review spoke to David López, Country Manager at BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, on the company’s joint objectives to address rare diseases and increase its market share



Mexico keeps moving forward towards the legalization of marijuana. This Wednesday the Supreme Courted ruled its complete prohibition for recreational use unconstitutional.

State governments received more complaints of misuse of public funds for the healthcare sector. This time the complaints concern Seguro Popular and the Contribution Fund for Healthcare Services (FASSA) and amount to MX$36 billion.

Researcher from the National Institute of Medical Science and Nutrition “Salvador Subirán” (INCMNSZ) linked cognitive decline with obesity.

Farmacia Benavides grew 4.7 percent in sales during its second quarter thanks to optimization of its operation costs.



Novartis dropped 20 percent of its research projects to increase its focus on cutting-edge medicines and reduce development costs.

Scientists test a spray to fight all types of influenza based on llama antibodies on animals.

Researchers develop wristbands that predict depression and continuously monitor the behavior of patients at risk of suicide.

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