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The Mexican healthcare sector had a positive week with legislative advances to regulatory changes concerning organ donation and the announcement of the first international Leaders of Health Meeting. However, there is still little information on the proposals on healthcare from all presidential candidates, although José Antonio Meade, the Todos por México candidate, has expressed interest in finding out the specific needs from citizens themselves.

In international news, an Israeli company takes a step forward for the generation of a universal flu vaccine, scientists develop an implant to prevent a common cause of blindness and Ferring Pharmaceuticals strengthens its gastroenterology division. Read Mexico Health Review’s interview with Ferring Pharmaceuticals Mexico here.

Dig in for an overview of last week’s highlights:



Mexico moves one step forward toward universal organ donation as the Mexican Senate approves reforms to the General Health Law. The proposal is now headed to Mexico’s House of Representatives.

Mexico will host the first Leaders of Health Meeting on April 19 and 20. The event will host representatives from the Ibero-American Social Security Organization (OISS) and the Hospital Federation of Latin America (FLH).

“Seven percent of Mexicans do not have access to healthcare,” stated Presidential Candidate José Antonio Meade from Todos por México. While so far no presidential candidate has made specific proposals concerning healthcare, Meade stated an interest in visiting people’s homes to ask about their needs.

Representatives from the coalition Mexico Salud-Hable urged presidential candidates to generate a health agenda that covers Mexico’s needs.



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Scientists from the University of Southern California developed an implant to treat dry macular degeneration, a common cause of blindness. The implant consists of a thin stem-cell membrane that prevented further eyesight decline in four patients.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals acquires Rebiotix, a microbiology startup, to strengthen its gastroenterology division. Rebiotix developed RBX2660, which is currently in phase III trials, for the treatment of C Difficile infections.

Efforts toward a universal flu vaccine keep moving forward. On Wednesday, the Israeli BiondVax signed an agreement with a CRO to begin phase III trials in adults over 50 of age. If successful, BiondVax will look for EMA approval as soon as the next flu season. This effort is one of many across the globe, read more on the universal flu vaccine here.

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