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This week after announcing the divestment of its eye-care division, Novartis had to fend off the rumor that it was also divesting its generics division. AstraZeneca’s lung cancer drug failed to meet survival goals, Merck took its first step towards the approval of its Ebola vaccine and GlaxoSmithKline prepares to launch program against pancreatic cancer. Takeda’s shareholders prepare to vote on Shire deal; if successful, the deal will be the largest in history by a Japanese company.

In Mexico, doctors adjacent to private pharmacies surpassed Mexico’s largest healthcare provider in daily visits, the association of Mexican pharmacies urged them to adopt new technology and COFEPRIS warned the incoming administration of the dangers of reducing COFEPRIS’ capabilities.

Mexico Health Review spoke to Karel Fucikovsky, Director General of Pierre Fabre Médicament LATAM, on the pharmaceutical’s plant for the company, which include strengthening its woman’s health, oncology and bone marrow transplant markets.

Now jump in last week’s highlights:



The National Association of Mexican Pharmacies (ANAFARMEX) urged local pharmacies to jump on the digital wave, warning them that a failure to do so may make them obsolete.

A commissioner for COFEPRIS warned incoming administration against removing COFEPRIS pharmacovigilance capabilities as it will mean “a 30-year setback for the country.”



AstraZeneca’s immunotherapy drug failed to improve survival rates for lung cancer patients, sending the pharmaceutical’s shares tumbling.

Merck to seek approval of its experimental Ebola vaccine, a key step to beginning its commercialization. While there are no licensed Ebola vaccines, Merck’s is already in use in the Democratic Republic of Congo in an effort to control the current outbreak.

As Takeda shareholders prepare to vote on the US$62 billion deal to buy Shire, a small group of dissident shareholders are mounting opposition against the deal. The vote will be held on December 5.

Novartis to spin off its eye-care division Alcon. Just a day after the announcement the pharmaceutical had to fend off rumors that it intended to also spin off Sandoz, its generics division.

GlaxoSmithKline to launch clinical program for RIP1 kinase drug against pancreatic cancer.

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