After the Nuevo Leon Congress passed a law to criminalize abortion, federal government representatives pushed for a national legislation on favor of abortion and freedom of choice for women. However, when asked about the subject, President López Obrador said there were other more pressing issues at the moment for the country.

The new administration’s vision has also been felt on other sectors including insurance and R&D. Austerity measures have had an impact on the development of both areas and new strategies must be implemented to jump start future development.

In case you missed it, here’s what made the headlines over the past week.

Prohibitive Views on Abortion

The Nuevo Leon Congress approved a constitutional reform to criminalize abortion. NGOs have condemned this decision, calling it a step backwards in sexual and reproductive rights.

According to the Maternal Death Observatory, unsafe abortions are among the Top 5 causes of death among pregnant women. The WHO establishes eight valid reasons for an abortion, which are economic or social issues, fetus deterioration, raping, incest, intellectual disability, mental health, physical health and general health. Yet, depending on the state, Mexico only considers raping, health, poverty and fetus deterioration as valid reasons for an abortion.

When asked about his position on abortion, President López Obrador said there was no need to open a debate. “We must pacify the country. There are more pressing issues at the moment,” he said during one of his daily meetings with the press. “Corruption has damaged the country greatly. Once we fix that, we can focus on other things.”

Impact of the Federal Transformation

According to Recaredo Arias, Director General of AMIS, the insurance sector grew 5.4 percent in 2018, which was below the expectations of 6.5 percent. Moderate GDP growth and higher inflation rates impacted the sector’s success, along with policy cancellations for public officers. For 2019, the sector expects further deceleration and growth of 3.38 percent.

The scientific community declared itself unsatisfied with its relationship with the government and victimized by the lack of policy regarding science, technology and innovation. CONACYT will meet with 120 experts and 600 guests at the Advisory, Scientific and Technologic Forum to find common ground with the scientific community.

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