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Authorities detected a billionaire debt after auditing the Ministry of Health of Guerrero, while Queretaro is singled out as the best state in terms of medication supply in the country. This week, the Senate also open the door to discuss the recreational use of marijuana, after an agreement between three political parties.

In our Interview of the Week, Mexico Health Review talked to Raúl Elizalde, on what is the true potential of the CBD for the Mexican health industry.


Queretaro is one of the best states in terms of medication supply, according to Julio César Ramírez, Minister of Health of Queretaro. While there is a shortage of medications in the country, Queretaro covers 80 percent of its demand.

The Senate opened the floor to discuss the decriminalization of recreational use of marijuana. The Morena, PAN and Movimiento Ciudadano parties agreed to go through a process of gradual decriminalization of marijuana based on the latest jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN).

The Superior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF) audited the Ministry of Health of Guerrero and detected it a debt of over MX$4 billion (US$208 million). Around 88 percent of the liabilities are linked to institutional debts with FOVISSSTE, the Tax Administration Service (SAT) and the Savings System for Retirement (SAR). The remaining 12 percent was inherited from previous governments.




Brill Pharma, the Spanish ophthalmology company, has begun an internationalization process by entering the Portuguese market. The company will offer five of its ophthalmic products: Ectodol, Parpafresh, Parpadual, Kelador and In-macula.


Health Canada, the government department of Canada responsible for national public health, started releasing protected drug and medical device data. Before information was not publicly available and it was restricted to particular researchers. Now, Health Canada has released data on clinical trials and other submissions provided by companies that it uses when approving medications and medical devices.

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