Attendees at Mexico Health Review’s Networking Cocktail. By MBP.

Wednesday, April 25 marked “World Malaria Day,” created to highlight the importance of fighting against this deadly disease that kills almost half a million people a year. Find out more here. In other news, the global pharmaceutical industry had an interesting week with Merck and Roche reporting a jump in profits, Takeda raising its bid for Shire and Pfizer’s vaccine receiving breakthrough therapy status. In Mexico, Sanofi announced the construction of a new vaccine plant and COFEPRIS announced its approval for 50 more generics.

This week Mexico Health Review celebrated its first Networking Cocktail “Revolutionizing care through technology,” with guest speaker Juana Ramírez from Grupo SOHIN.

Don’t miss our interview with Carlos Pérez, Director General of NYCE, where he reviews the role of authorized third parties in Mexico’s regulatory environment.


Jump in last week’s headlines:



Sanofi announces a €129 million investment in a new vaccine plant in the State of Mexico. The plant is expected to generate over 170 direct and 600 indirect jobs.

COFEPRIS approves 50 more generic medications, including an analgesic and three antiretrovirals. During the ceremony, COFEPRIS’ Commissioner, Julio Sánchez y Tépoz, highlighted the role of generics in reducing out of pocket expenditure, saying that they have allowed for savings of MX$26 billion.

Insurance companies decried the low penetration of major healthcare insurance in Mexico, which now only represents 3.5 percent of the total expenditure in health.



Takeda increased its bid for Shire to US$65 billion in cash and shares. The acquisition will place Takeda in a greater position to compete globally with pharmaceutical giants.

Merck had a positive week with its shares gaining 12 percent thanks to a jump in profits.

Pfizer’s week was both good and bad. First, its vaccine for Meningococcal disease was given breakthrough therapy status for children aged one to nine. On the other hand, the FDA rejected its application for the trastuzumab biosimilar, requesting more information.

Roche updated its grow forecast for 2018 thanks to the positive results it obtained during the first three months of the year.


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