Under a banner of Republican austerity and a fight against corruption, AMLO’s administration reported irregularities and budget cuts to certain public health institutions. Even though authorities emphasized these measures will not negatively impact medical attention, there will be cuts in areas such as maintenance and cleaning. Meanwhile, deaths were reported due to influenza AH1N1 in Mexico City.

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  • Despite budget cuts derived from the government’s austerity plan, the Ministry of Health said the Comprehensive Center for Mental Health (CISAME) will provide its services without interruption. Budget cuts will impact areas such as maintenance, cleaning, computer equipment, stationery.
  • Approximately 600 out of the 10,000 doctors, nurses and administrative staff who work in the medical and administrative units of the Ministry of Health of Mexico City (SEDESA) receive a salary without the institution knowing what kind of activity they perform. Authorities informed there will be a profile revision to solve this irregularity.
  • The Ministry of Health reported 20 deaths from influenza AH1N1 in Mexico City. Authorities said two million vaccines have been applied and that the vaccination campaign continues.
  • The Mexican public health sector contemplated investment of MX$4.3 billion (US$230 million) for oncological drugs in its consolidated medicine purchase plan for 2019. PiSA Pharmaceutical, Novartis, Roche and AstraZeneca supplied over 50 percent of the cancer drugs in that consolidated purchase.


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  • Quality of life is improving all over the world. Globally there has been a significant decrease in deaths from malaria and a turnaround in the HIV epidemic. Deaths of women at childbirth have been cut by half and life expectancy in every country has increased. However, there is still room for improvement in infectious disease prevention and treatment.
  • Eli Lilly and Co. endorsed the US government’s proposal to lower the cost of insulin and other prescription drugs for patients. Eli Lily, Sanofi and Novo Nordisk said prices are high because of the rebates companies pay to benefit managers and insurers to be on lists of covered drugs.
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