In case of emergency, would you be able to locate the nearest hospital?

Last November, the Ministry of Health launched Radar CiSalud an app that allows people to locate the 50 closest medical centers out of 28,000, including public, private, and social clinics, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, blood banks, among others at a national level. The app also discloses their contact details and its biggest aim is to shorten distances and patient transportation times. In a press conference, the Sub-Secretary of Integration and Development of the Ministry of Health, Eduardo González Pier, explained the app is intended to transform information held by the government into useful information for society.

Radar CiSalud

Radar CiSalud

In a second stage, the app will provide information about the specific services and equipment of all centers, and will include 15,000 doctor’s offices adjacent to pharmacies. Moreover, it will be helpful in finding the closest emergency room and its waiting times. Choosing the appropriate medical unit is important because, in case of emergency, it is not only essential to receive medical care fastly, but to receive it in the right place. Additionally, the app will store medical records in order to better address the needs of patients and provide doctors with more information.

This initiative will certainly be useful for the general population and comes in a time when the government is interested in developing and utilizing digital healthcare tools to solve social problems. This is also important in a country where people do not know the emergency numbers and where emergency management services are underperforming. The average waiting time for an ambulance in Mexico City is 30 minutes, and optimistically 50 ambulances are available at a given time in Mexico City and the metropolitan area accounting for 25 million people. Therefore, reducing transportation times to medical units is crucial.

Portability of healthcare coverage is key to optimizing delivery of healthcare services, especially in case of emergency. When a patient goes to another hospital or institution where he is not an affiliate, medical care is delayed due to administrative and economic reasons – a problem which becomes bigger if the patient is in a different state. The current administration is working on unifying Mexico’s healthcare system and Reform is expected to be pass in order to solve all of these complexities.

*The accuracy and functionality of this app and image is responsibility of the Ministry of Health, in Mexico. 

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