The TPP, Mexico, and the Health Sector 
El tren volvio a San Jos
Monge llama a evitar “golpe de estado”
MEXICO: las elecciones ya no incluyen la pasion
“Hay dudas de que habra un escrutinio honesto y correcto”
Han deshonrado la democracia
La teología del odio
92 percent of world population breathes polluted air 
AI: The Smart Decision in Healthcare 
Amazon! The New Player in the Health Industry 
Amgen innovates with a cholesterol reducing drug 
A New Vaccine for a Modern Pandemic 
Analysis of New Drugs Approved in Mexico 2012-2015 
An Error Exposes 2.3 Million Clinical Files
A New Age for Healthcare in Mexico? What Challenges Lay Ahead?
A New Year for Mexico’s Healthcare Sector: Priorities and Challenges
A Step Toward Bowel Cancer Cure
AstraZeneca: Setting the Pace for Specialized Innovation 
Attracting international patients to Monterrey 
A year of innovation at IMSS 
Beds for Everyone – Sharing the Burden 
Better Regulation for Better Health Access 
Bird Flu Cases Reappear in Europe, Africa and Asia   
Rural Mexicans thrive on Sodas 
Boehringer Ingelheim Inaugurates New Plant in Mexico 
Breakfast With COFEPRIS at the British Chamber of Commerce 
Breast Cancer Awareness Day: Mexico´s overview 
Cancer, no longer the same as death: Milenio Forum 
Can Mikel Arriola flip IMSS as he did with COFEPRIS? 
Celebrating 30 years of supporting pharmacies in Mexico 
COFEPRIS Releases 34 New Medications (Part III) 
Consolidating Public Purchases: a Strategy to Ensure Access to Medicines 
Cool Scalps during Chemo Prevents Hair Loss 
Data and technology at the service of healthcare 
Delivering Healthcare to the Mexican Megalopolis 
DHL: Prioritizing Health 
Diabetes ‘a National Safety Issue’: Milenio Forum 
Distribuidora Levic: Creating a Distribution Network for Independent Pharmacies 
Doctor Shortage Across All Healthcare Systems 
Dogs Join the Fight Against Cancer 
Drugs disguised as platelets to fight cancer 
Eyeforpharma: Market Access and Value Propositions with the Mexican Government 2015 
Farmacias GI: Towards the professionalization of generics 
Farmapiel: Advancing Innovation in Clinical Dermatology 
Fertility App Approved as a Contraceptive Method 
First Two-Drug HIV Treatment Approved by FDA 
Fitness industry set to grow in Mexico 
Food Labelling Fiasco 
French Pharma Sanofi Continues to Climb 
From Quantity to Quality: Assuring Access to State-of-the-Art Services 
Generics Commanding Pharmaceutical Market Share 
Interview of the Week: Adrián Ruiz, Hetlabs Mexico 
Hope for Usher Sufferers 
What Does the Pharmacies and Retail Market Look Like in Mexico? 
How to have a good night´s sleep 
HPV Vaccination Key to Preventing Cervical Cancer 
IEPS on sugary drinks might not be effective 
Improved Regulation for Mexico’s Biotechnology Industry with Establishment of New Norm 
IMSS and OECD sign agreement on cooperation, transparency and good practices 
IMSS, SAT Collaboration to Fight Tax Evasion 
Incentivizing Healthy Habits in the Workplace 
INMEGEN opens new laboratory for genetic diagnosis 
Insurance Policies for People Living with Diabetes and Other Chronic Diseases in Mexico 
InsurTech, the Ideal Insurance Offer for Digital Natives 
International Asperger’s Day 
Interview of the Week: Accessible, Effective and Dignified Renal Care 
Interview of the Week: Adapting to the Healthcare System 
Interview of the week: Alejandro Alfonso, CEO of ABC Medical Center 
Interview of the Week: Américo García, Director General Latin America of Apotex 
Interview of the Week: Benefits of Digital Era Already on Display 
Interview of the Week: Biotechnology Designed to Meet Local Needs 
Interview of the Week: Cast-Offs Provide Opportunity, Benefit 
Interview of the Week: Cristóbal Thompson, AMIIF 
Interview of the Week: Disrupting Health Care to Empower Patients 
Interview of the Week: Fernando Oliveros, Medtronic 
Interview of the Week: Francisco Kuri Breña, Landsteiner Scientific 
Interview of the Week: Healthcare Access Through Social Projects 
Interview of the Week: High-Tech Beds Secret to Good Hospitals 
Interview of the Week: Integral Care Strategy Leads to Triple-Digit Growth 
Interview of the Week: International Insurance Retaining Mexican Talent 
Interview of the Week: IT Solution to Change Mexico Healthcare System 
Interview of the Week: María Eugenia Bonilla-Chacín, the World Bank 
Interview of the Week: New Prescriptions Infrastructure in Mexico 
Interview of the Week: Óscar Parra, Lundbeck 
Interview of the Week: Pioneering Medical Advances 
Interview of the Week: Pushing Efficiencies for 360° Logistics 
Interview of the Week: Quality Health Care Means Clean Health Care 
Interview of the Week: Sandra Sánchez, PROBIOMED 
Interview of the Week: Shuttling the Industry from A to B 
Interview of the Week: José Antonio Aedo, SINGREM 
Interview of the Week: The Creation of an R&D Powerhouse 
Investment in Science, Technology and Innovation, a Strategic Priority for Development 
IPICYT Researchers Identify Potential Biomarkers for Uterine and Cervical Cancer 
Interview of the Week: José Peña, Grupo Marzam 
Juárez Hospital @ CDMX develops procedure to help foot melanoma patients 
Last Week in the Healthcare Industry: 
Last Week in the Healthcare Industry 
Last Week in the Health Industry 
Last Week in the Health Industry 
Last Week in the Health Industry 
Last Week in the Health Industry 
Last Week in the Health Industry 
Last Week in the Health Industry 
Last Week in the Mexican Healthcare Industry 
Last Week in the Mexican Healthcare Industry 
Last week in the Mexican Healthcare Industry 
Last Week in the Mexican Healthcare Industry 
Last Week in the Mexican Healthcare Sector… 
Low-blood pressure also linked to dementia 
Male contraceptive jab on the horizon? 
Mexican government taps into digital healthcare 
Mexican Health Picks Up its Pace 
Mexican Researcher Develops New Breast Cancer Detection Method 
Mexico First Country to Approve Dengue Vaccine 
Mexico Health Summit 2015: In Photos 
Mexico holds World’s Alzheimer’s Day as older population grows 
Mexico’s Administrative Decentralization: Where does the Ministry of Health go? 
Mexico’s Attorney General and Ministry of Health sign cooperation agreement to promote organ donation 
Mexico’s Generics Revolution: Market Drivers and Challenges 
Mexico to Get First Dengue Fever Vaccine in the World 
Mexico to Revise Work-Induced Diseases List for the First Time in 46 Years 
MHR at the Fifth Generics Exhibition in Mexico City 
Mikel Arriola’s plan to improve IMSS 
MX$50 Billion in consolidated medicine purchasing for 2017 
National Adolescent Health Week 2016 
Navigating Change to Ensure Sector’s Growth 
New Cystic Fibrosis Detection Method 
New technology looks to make cancer a disease of the past: Milenio Forum 
Not Enough Geriatricians for Growing Number of Seniors 
NTA Logistics: Going Beyond Third-Party Logistics 
Obesity, a Complex Disease in a Complex Medical Ecosystem 
Ohsumi’s autophagic discoveries wins Nobel Prize in Medicine 
Oncolytic Viruses: A Game Changer for Oncology 
Only 3 Percent of Blood Donors in Mexico are Altruistic 
Orphan Drugs: Bringing Hope to Patients with Rare Diseases 
Pensions, A Guarantee for The Future 
Peso depreciation increases price of medicine in Mexico 
Pfizer continues the Breast Cancer Fight 
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Developments and Opportunity: Expofarma 2015 
Pierre Fabre: Innovation from Health to Beauty 
Prioritizing Healthcare on the Economic Agenda 
Privacy Policy
Private Medicine’s High Cost an Access Barrier to Essential Care 
Psicofarma: Generating Solutions for Neuropsychiatry 
Research and prevention to reach a better healthcare service 
Robot-assisted Surgery: the Future of Minimally Invasive Surgery 
Safe and effective anti-obesity treatments are here 
Scientists Cure Pulmonary Fibrosis in Mice 
Senate approves amendment to fight Mexico´s obesity problems 
Siemens Healthcare: Growing alongside Mexico 
Six Pharma Companies Betting on Mexican Manufacturing Today 
Spotlight KOT: Scientifically Proven Weight Loss Solutions 
Gilead’s Innovative Drug Brings Hope to Hepatitis C Sufferers 
The medical in the supernatural 
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2015: Combating Parasitic Diseases 
The Rise of Wellness and Gym Chains 
The road to a healthier Mexico – Tackling the obesity crisis 
The Sectorial Program for Health 2013-2018 
The Week in Healthcare: Amid Controversy, Drug Price Hikes are Cancelled 
The Week in Healthcare: Another Alzheimer’s Drug Fails as New Antitumor Drug Sees Light of the Day 
The Week in Healthcare: A Tortilla to Fight Diabetes 
The Week in Healthcare: Calls for More Investment in Mexican Healthcare 
The Week in Health Care: Chiapas Takes Steps Forward 
The Week in Health Care: International Player Under the Spotlight 
The Week in Healthcare: Legal Trouble in Pharma and Poor Healthcare Systems Concern Sector 
The Week in Healthcare: Mexicans are Living Less 
The Week in Healthcare: New Type of Antibiotic and Other Treatments Jump to the Spotlight 
The Week in Healthcare: No Safe Level of Alcohol Consumption Says New Study 
The Week in Healthcare: Online Scares Hit Mexican Healthcare 
The Week in Healthcare: Over US$100 Billion Has Been Spent in Big Pharma M&A 
The Week in Healthcare: Pharmaceuticals Vs. Documentaries 
The Week in Health Care: Warning Labels for Junk Food! 
The Week in Health: New Era for Mexico’s Health System? 
Third National Health Week 
This Week in Healthcare: More Price Cuts on the Way 
This Week in Healthcare: Novartis is in the Spotlight and Probably Not Too Happy About It 
This Week in Healthcare: Shrinking Health Budget and Expanding Insurance Complaints 
How Can Music Stimulate the Brain and Prevent Neurological Diseases? 
Trans Pacific Partnership: Threat or opportunity? 
Triumphant Mexican Startup Provides Innovative Solution for Glucose Monitoring 
UDIBI: Pioneering Local Research 
Understanding the Value of Data in Healthcare 
Wanted: Universal Influenza Vaccine 
Where does Mexico stand in terms of health care amongst the OECD countries?