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Dogs Join the Fight Against Cancer



The consumption of alcohol and tobacco is associated with 90 percent of cancer cases related to the mouth and larynx that are diagnosed in Mexico, according to a study published by the National Cancer Institute (INCan). The study, released this week, states that these cancers represent about 17 percent of the total malignant neoplasms diagnosed in the country. In addition, the institution noted the need to identify more effective and less toxic treatment regimens for this disease.

This recommendation is in line with that in a report, “Cancer Trends in Mexico: Essential Data for the Creation and Follow-Up of Public Policies,” published last year in the Journal of Oncology (JGO), which states that Mexico needs to implement better methods for preventing and diagnosing cancer.

Unorthodox approaches count, and the Ministry of Health of Coahuila has been on the front lines in that regard, creating a canine squadron to detect cancer in people. If successful, the program will be implemented across the country.

“Canine Scent Detection of Human Cancer,” a report by Emily Moser and Michael McCulloch that points to the need for more non-invasive detection methods, highlights that published research suggests that dogs can detect different types of cancer such as lung, breast, prostate, ovarian and melanoma.

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The Medical Detection Dogs (MDD) institution has determined which breeds are most effective in detecting specific types of cancer. According to SaludDiario, the Ministry of Health of Coahuila is using Belgian Pastors in conjunction with a prototype of artificial scents created by the International Training and Trainers of Dogs Association.

Developing reliable and non-invasive initial tests for cancer is becoming even more relevant in Mexico where cancer has become the leading cause of death, followed by heart disease and diabetes, according to research published in the Journal of Oncology (JGO).



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