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French Pharma Sanofi Continues to Climb


Sales figures for the French Big Pharma Sanofi were up in Q416. Notable areas in emerging markets being specialty care which saw a 14.3 percent increase to EUR234 million, vaccines a 7.3 percent increase to EUR521 million and generics a 5.1 percent increase to EUR209 million.

The specialty care segment grew double digits in both developed and emerging markets in Q416 driven by the rare disease segment, which grew by 9.7 percent, pushed by new clients in both developed and emerging markets and important market share gains in multiple sclerosis. Overall vaccine growth was pushed by flu and pediatric combination vaccines in Q416.

Sanofi’s Animal Health business also saw global growth, with gross profit climbing 8.5 percent in Q416 to EUR381 million from EUR351 million in Q415. Overall, Q416 sales in LATAM grew 4.2 percent to EUR710 million from EUR681 million.

During FY2016, Sanofi’s newly licensed Dengue vaccine Dengvaxia®, the first dengue vaccine to be commercialized, saw global sales of EUR55 million. Overall net income for FY 2016 grew to EUR4.8 billion, up XXX percent from EUR4.4 billion in FY2015.

“So overall, our financial performance in 2016 was stronger than we had initially expected. Business EPS were up 4.1% to €5.68, consistent with our raised guidance,” said Olivier Brandicourt, CEO of Sanofi in a official press release.


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