How to have a good night´s sleep 

 enero 25, 2022

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Are you able to avoid looking at any screen, TV, phone or tablet a few hours before going to sleep? Because if you are, you are probably closer to preventing sleep disorders and helping your overall health.

Alterations in the sleep cycle might cause cancer, obesity and diabetes, according to Lorena Aguilar, a researcher at UNAM. During her conference Sleeping and Gaining Weight are Related, she also mentioned that LED lights like the ones in modern lightbulbs and screens have blue waves that can also throw off the human biologic clock. “Electronic devices can send fake signals to the organism and tell them it is daytime instead of night,” said Aguilar during an interview for Notimex. This is why she recommends avoiding using electronic devices two hours before going to sleep.

According to the Ministry of Health, in Mexico one third of the population suffers from a sleep disorder and 40 percent of those have insomnia. As mentioned in the press release, a lack of sleep may cause a lack of productivity, increase the risk of accidents, lower immune systems defenses and therefore cause a predisposition for illness.

Researcher Reyes Valencia talked about sleep hygiene during his conference Science Behind the Sleep. He recommended the following tips to achieve better rest:

  • Avoid napping in the daytime or keep naps to a maximum of 20 minutes long,
  • Reduce the consumption of stimulants, keep regular sleep times
  • Reduce consumption of liquids before going to sleep
  • Exercise daily and three to four hours before bed
  • Try to keep a healthy diet
  • Change your mattress every five years
  • Avoid clocks inside rooms
  • Reduce noises and lighting

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