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IMSS, SAT Collaboration to Fight Tax Evasion


Mikel Arriola of the IMSS and Osvaldo Santín of the SAT have announced a collaboration to work together to fight tax evasion. This will involve a higher degree of information exchanges and will aim to strengthen formal employment and thus taxpaying.

Although recent efforts have brought the proportion down through the creation of more formal employment positions, informal employment is widespread in Mexico. According to IMSS, over 2.4 million jobs have been created under the current administration. INEGI figures show that the rate of informal employment, around 60 percent in January 2012, had been lowered to 57.2 percent by December 2016.

It is vital for the population to be in formal employment as it gives them access to free health services at the IMSS and other social benefits, such as maternity leave and a pension. Without membership, people in informal employment are forced to pay out of pocket for their health, which can be costly if they suffer from a catastrophic condition such as cancer or a chronic disease such as diabetes, affecting around 1 in 10 people in Mexico and responsible for 14 percent of deaths in 2016, according to the WHO.


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