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INMEGEN opens new laboratory for genetic diagnosis


The National Institute for Genetic Medicine (INMEGEN) recently inaugurated the Genetic Diagnosis Lab (LDG) an institution offering diagnosis, prognosis and follow up of diseases for the population. According to a press release from the Health Ministry website, Carmen Alaez, chief of the LDG highlighted that a specialized team of professionals and an adequate infrastructure and certifications make this center unique in the Mexican health industry and a national reference that potentially could become a leading genetic lab in Latin America.

The lab has a catalogue of over 100 genetic studies and the capacity to analyze 4,800 genes associated with different monogenetic disorders and around 94 genes related to hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes.

During research undertaken early this year by the IMSS Biomedical Research Center, it was discovered that the most frequent genetic diseases within their right holders were Edward´s Syndrome, hemophilia, muscular atrophies, lysosomal diseases, Turner syndrome, thalassemia and achondroplasia. According to IMSS, an average of 100 cases of rare diseases are detected every year and most of them are of genetic origin. However, this number may vary because many patients are not correctly diagnosed.

The LDG will offer support to public and private institutions with advanced tools to improve the discovery and understanding of genetic conditions in the Mexican population. It will operate by the highest standards in protection of patient rights over their samples and genetic information.

During the inauguration event the INMEGEN Director General, Xavier Soberón, mentioned this new laboratory represents an important achievement for the institution and it is essential for the creation of knowledge, new technology and service.


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