Juárez Hospital @ CDMX develops procedure to help foot melanoma patients 

 enero 25, 2022

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Specialists at Juárez Hospital in Mexico City have developed a microsurgery technique to reconstruct skin tissue on patients with melanoma in the foot sole that will help recover mobility, a hospital spokeswoman said.

The procedure consists on grafting tissue from other parts of the body like the tights, inner tights or arms, including veins, arteries and nerves to rebuild blood circulation and nerve sensitivity, the Ministry of Health said on a press release.

A melanoma is a skin tumor that can develop in feet, hands, finger, the genital area, nose, mouth and any other body part that is constantly exposed to sunlight.

Last September during a health forum, Miguel Álvarez of Mexico’s cancer institute INCan mentioned that melanoma is considered an orphan disease in Mexico as only one of 100,000 people develop it, below countries like the US and Australia. However, this represents around 2,500 cases every year.

The main issue with this type of cancer is the possibility of metastasis if a diagnosis is not reached in time.

Blanca Arámbula, member of the oncology and plastic surgery service at Juárez Hospital, added in the Ministry of Health press release that this new procedure could help patients with melanoma recover from this illness and regain movement.

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