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Last Week in the Mexican Healthcare Industry



  • Mexicans don’t invest in health prevention, they wait until it’s really bad, go to hospital and face grave consequences. http://eleconomista.com.mx/sistema-financiero/2016/10/18/mexicanos-pagan-mas-curacion-que-prevencion
  • On the breast cancer subject, ISSSTE will be helping survivors with breast prosthetics. http://imss.gob.mx/prensa/archivo/201610/ISSSTE
  • No formal sector work = no IMSS contributions = it will cost a lot out of pocket if you fall ill. Read our blog post! https://mexicosalud.com/widespread-informal-employment-undermines-mexico-insurance-rates/
  • The main news piece of the week is that COFECE is investigating pharma companies because they think there has been some price fixing http://eleconomista.com.mx/industrias/2016/10/19/toda-industria-farmaceutica-investigada-cofece


  • It’s still Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Of all the women alive in 2020, 1/3 will get breast cancer at some point in their lives so we really need to find a cure. In addition, Oct 19 is Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Read our blog post! https://mexicosalud.com/breast-cancer-awareness-day-mexicos-overview/
  • It was World Menopause Day on Oct 18. There is a need to create awareness as the drop in hormones leaves women exposed to disease, mostly osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. Read our blog post! https://mexicosalud.com/world-menopause-day-2016/
  • Last week the WHO said sugar tax should be 20% everywhere and companies created a big fuss. Now Pepsi is making changes to its products http://eleconomista.com.mx/industrias/2016/10/18/pepsico-adelgazara-sus-productos


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