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Mexico to Revise Work-Induced Diseases List for the First Time in 46 Years


On the 13 – 14 September, the National Consultative Commission for Health and Safety in the Workplace (Coconasst) will consider new diseases to be added to the Table of Work-Related Diseases and Appraisal of Permanent Disabilities. This will be the first update to the list in 46 years. This is spearheaded by Ignacio Rubí, the Undersecretary for Social Prevision at the Labor Ministry.

Of the previous 161, the Commission will consider deleting 49 diseases, which are now known to be only symptoms of actual illnesses, and adding a further 73, which include infections, parasitic diseases and work-induced cancers.

Cancers will see the biggest increase with 19 new work-induced cancers added to the list, whereas respiratory diseases will see the biggest decrease, falling from 50 to just 16. It is also the first time that mental illnesses such as stress will be included.

This update is a significant milestone for Mexican workers as according to OECD stats, they work on average more than every other nationality in the group, making more vulnerable to work-related diseases.

From the 3 to the 14 September, constituents of Coconasst will be able to express their comments and reservations before the Federal Commission for Regulatory Improvement (COFEMER).



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Coconasst: http://www.gob.mx/stps/prensa/actualizan-tabla-de-enfermedades-de-trabajo


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