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MHR at the Fifth Generics Exhibition in Mexico City



Distrubuidora Levic and Unefarm organized on Thursday Mexico’s Fifth Generics Exhibition in the World Trade Center of Mexico City. Once a source of suspicion, generic medication is now widely accepted in Mexico and is the source of great savings for the public sector and private patients alike. With a diminishing public health budget and a growing population, Mexico is in need of effective, cheaper solutions more than ever.

In a speech during the opening ceremony, Jorge Romero, Commissioner of Sanitary Development of COFEPRIS, praised the work of generics companies in providing safe and cost-effective solutions to the population. “Using generics instead of branded drugs costs on average 61 percent less,” he said. This represents savings of MX$1,500 per person per year in Mexico, or MX$25 billion in total. These savings allow the public sector to treat an additional 2 million people. Cardiovascular generics are up to 50 percent cheaper than in other Central American countries. In addition, generics to treat non-communicable diseases, one of Mexico’s great health epidemics, are up to 70 percent cheaper.

Under the current administration, 37 active pharmaceutical ingredients and almost 500 generic medicines have been authorized.


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