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MX$50 Billion in consolidated medicine purchasing for 2017


The Mexican government launched its consolidated medicine purchase order for 2017 on Tuesday. The fourth year of the purchasing system will amount to MX$50 billion, the highest amount in the history of this process.

The consolidated purchasing system was established for the acquisition of drugs for 39 public entities. It guarantees the availability of medical supplies to assist beneficiaries from different institutions in the healthcare sector through better drug quality and prices. The system has helped save up to MX$10.8 billion over the last three years, the Mexican Institute for Social Security (IMSS) said in a press release.

The purchasing process is expected to publish results by December of 2016 and will suffice for 99 percent of the drugs IMSS will need for the year. It will also likely help reduce complaints of medicine shortages.

According to the Director General of IMSS, Mikel Arriola, the tender is for 1,698 products including 735 drugs and vaccines, 166 patents and 797 items for healing supplies.

Of the 39 public institutions participating in the tender, five are federal government institutions, 17 are estate governments and 17 are health institutions.

Arriola announced that to guarantee the transparency of the process there will be external observers besides the social witnesses required by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The application for the tender will be until September 29 on the COMPRANET public purchase system.




El Universal


Contributory article by Camilla Del Villar


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