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National Adolescent Health Week 2016


As Mexico fights to increase a culture of prevention and promote a healthier lifestyle for its 130 million inhabitants, the country will hold National Adolescent Health Week from September 19 to 23, looking to engage children aged 10-19 in both urban and rural areas in a dialogue for the adoption of healthy choices and looking to prevent future damage to youngsters’ health.

The week will cover a wide variety of topics such as personal hygiene, oral health, safe and responsible sex, HIV/AIDS, cancer, mental health, addictions, violence, physical activity and healthy environments. Activities will include sports tournaments, musical composition competitions, painting, dance, drawing and camping. In addition to this, September 26 is the National Day of Unplanned Pregnancy Prevention, key for children as young as 11 as numerous pregnancies every year occur in children and teenagers. Early October will also see the Third National Health Week in Mexico, during which hundreds of thousands of vital vaccines will be administered, such as those against hepatitis and human papilloma virus (HPV).

National Adolescent Health Week activities are held in coordination with the public sector, private sector and organized civil society. The official slogan of the campaign is “Ser adolescente es bueno, pero adolescente y sano es mejor” (being a teenager is good, but being a healthy teenager is better). The week also promotes the use of the National Adolescent Health Guide in children 10-19.

These preventive campaigns are that much more important in a country riddled with chronic diseases such as diabetes. With one in three children and teenagers overweight or obese according to the Mexican Senate, prevention at an early age is more important than ever.



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Mexican Senate



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