NTA Logistics: Going Beyond Third-Party Logistics 

 enero 25, 2022

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NTA Logistics is a Mexican company dedicated to the trade, distribution, commercialization, importation, and exportation of all types of pharmaceutical materials. The company specializes in providing advanced logistics services for the manufacture and commercialization of medicines and scientific materials. With a distribution area which encompasses the entirety of Mexico and a comprehensive logistics network, NTA Logistics is prepared to continue growing and provide high quality solutions to the whole country.

Exclusive interview with José Luis Barrera Aldana, New Projects and Logistics Director of NTA Logistics

Q: What can you tell us about the creation of NTA Logistics and what is your market strategy?

A: NTA Logistics began as a family company funded by two friends. Initially it was called National Trade Air, but it became NTA Logistics de México in 2003 and repurposed itself into providing logistic services for pharmaceutical companies. The company has grown continuously and multiplied, but as we are specialized in a niche market we have a low profile. Despite this, we are leaders in the market of transportation services for pharmaceutical companies. Among our greatest advantages are our agility and flexibility to provide solutions, which allow us to be ideal intermediaries among laboratories and their different clients. Pharmaceutical companies by nature have rather strict requisites as their products are intended for human health, thus they must guarantee their quality, efficiency, applicability, identity, and purity. In order to work with them we must guarantee and certify that their products maintain these standards while we handle them.

Q: What is the competitive advantage of NTA Logistics?

A: Our flexibility and agility have allowed us to rapidly adapt ourselves to these changes to provide fast responses to all our client’s needs. Our main differentiators are efficient deliveries and real time tracking. Our network covers all main cities in Mexico and our delivery times are 24, 48, and 72 hours depending on the requested service, but we can also offer deliveries the same day in special cases. Our service has grown beyond the distribution of medications and now we are able to deliver medical and laboratory equipment as well as materials for clinical research. We also provide integral and specialized storage services in different schemes including dedicated and shared. For example we provide a service called ‘almacenes dedicados’ (dedicated warehouses) with a sanitary license in our client’s names and we take responsibility for the storage and distribution of their products among their clients, including wholesalers, public and private institutions, doctors, pharmacy chains, and independent pharmacies. We are also the only company in Mexico to have received the NMX SMTC01 certification from CANIFARMA for the storage, transportation, and safekeeping of pharmaceutical merchandise. We have also been recognized as a Socially Responsibly Company (ESR) for four consecutive years.

Q: What is NTA Logistics market strategy?

A: Our market strategy is to offer services only for pharmaceuticals, thus security, innovation, quality, technology, flexibility, and quick responses are essential for our business. Our strategy focuses on long term relationships in order to maintain strong client relationships and grow alongside them. This strategy allowed us to grow as a company and increase the number of services we provide. We increased our clients and now we can offer them a wider portfolio of logistic services to tackle their specific needs as soon as we identify them. We generally create dedicated solutions for clients and then adapt them for the rest of the market. NTA Logistics is currently working directly with more than 50 clients and indirectly with slightly more than 30. An integral and congruent ethics code with the pharmaceutical market is of highest priority for us.

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