Pfizer continues the Breast Cancer Fight 

 enero 25, 2022

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Pfizer continues the Breast Cancer Fight


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In October 2016, global Big Pharma company Pfizer will launch its new drug to fight breast cancer, Ibrance in Mexico. The drug is a molecule called palbociclib and is used to fight advanced or metastatic breast cancer. According to the drug’s website, it is the first hormonal based therapy used to treat hormone receptor-positive (HR+) and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-negative (HER2-) metastatic breast cancer in combination with letrozole (a post-surgery breast cancer drug) in post-menopausal women.

Breast cancer affects over 23,000 people in Mexico and killed 6,349 Mexicans in 2015 alone. It is the main cancer affecting women worldwide in both developed and developing countries, according to the WHO. In addition, it is main cause of death in women aged over 25 in Mexico, according to the Mexican Ministry of Health. The launch of Pfizer’s new drug will coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


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