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The Week in Health Care: Chiapas Takes Steps Forward


by Victor Pineda

Here’s the Week in Healthcare! In 2018, Mexico allocated only 2.9 percent of its GDP to public health services, compared to other OECD countries that contributed between 8-9 percent. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s administration takes another step towards universal access to health through the federalization of the health system. Chiapas will spearhead this process by being the first state in adopting the new healthcare model.

Before jumping into the news, don’t forget to read our Interview of the Week. Mexico Health Review spoke with Guillaume Corpart, Director General of Global Health Intelligence on the trends transforming Mexico’s health landscape.


  • Deputy Minister of Integration and Development of the Federal Ministry of Health, Asa Ebba Christina Laurell, recognized Chiapas for concluding the first stage of the new health model and being the first entity to design the pilot project for the rest of the country.
  • Farmacias del Ahorro announced its new alliance with Western Union that will allow customers to receive money transfers from their relatives at more than 1,600 pharmacies throughout the country.
  • No al Huachicol de Medicinas reported between May 7 and September 26 912 cases of people suffering mainly hypertension and diabetes or high-cost diseases such as cancer, HIV and renal failure, whose treatment was affected by changes in the government’s medicine purchasing model. Almost half of those cases correspond to ISSSTE, followed by IMSS, which concentrated 25 percent of all complaints.


  • Approximately 70,000 new cases of cancer are registered every year in Peru, said the Head of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), Zulema Thomas. Moreover, the Minister of Health announced that a new cancer hospital will be inaugurated next November in Junín.



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