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The Week in Healthcare: Mexicans are Living Less



Mexico now ranks in 20th place in healthcare out of all Latin American countries, Mexican’s life expectancy has decreased by about a year and experts warned of a potentially stronger flu season this year. In international news, pharmaceutical AbbVie is being sued by California for alleged kickbacks, Coca-Cola turns toward cannabis, Europe and Japan approve Bayer’s hemophilia treatment and researchers link a sleeping sickness with problems in the immune sickness.

Mexico Health Review spoke with Andrés Gutiérrez, CEO of Médica Santa Carmen, on the statistics of kidney damage in the country and how to address this growing problem.

Now, jump into last week’s highlights:


With a life expectancy of 76 years and a US$535 expenditure on health per capita, Mexico is ranked 20th in healthcare out of all countries in Latin America.

Experts at FLU SUMMIT 2018 warn that the 2018-2019 flu season might be stronger than the previous one.

Mexico’s public healthcare sector increasingly turns toward integrated services.


AbbVie is being sued by California Insurance Commissioner over alleged kickbacks for the sale of its blockbuster drug Humira, leading to a drop in AbbVie’s shares.

Bayer’s new treatment for Hemophilia A, Jivi, receives approval from Europe and Japan.

Cannabis stock are on a bull run on Wall Street, while Coca-Cola is in “serious talks” to develop cannabis-infused drinks with Aurora Cannabis.

Scientists link sleeping sickness narcolepsy, which causes daytime sleepiness and cataplexy, to genes in the immune system.


Bayer, International

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