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The Week in Healthcare: New Type of Antibiotic and Other Treatments Jump to the Spotlight


The pharmaceutical sector had a good week as the FDA greenlit AstraZeneca’s new drug, China approved Takeda’s acquisition of Shire, Boehringer Ingelheim bought ViraTherapeutics and researchers showcased a new class of antibiotics. Mexican pharmaceutical Chinoin also had a good week as it launched a new plant in Colombia. In less positive news, COFEPRIS warned the public of 500 unregulated plastic surgery clinics and a report indicated an increase in suicide rates among teens and doctors.

Director of the Mexican National Institute of Geriatrics pointed to country’s severe lack of geriatricians to address the needs of senior citizens.

Mexico Health Review spoke with Germán Tosantos, Director General of INDRA Healthcare, about the benefits patient management platforms can bring to the healthcare industry.

Now, Jump in last week’s highlights:


Mexican pharmaceutical Chinoin buys one of Takeda’s plants in Colombia for US$10 million. Chinoin plans to use this manufacturing plant to expand its presence in Latin America and sell medications in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Suicide rate rises among teenagers and doctors. In Mexico about 17 people commit suicide every day, and about three quarters of all cases present a mental disorder such as depression or abuse of substances such as alcohol or cannabis.

COFEPRIS warns of 500 plastic surgery clinics that lack the necessary sanitary permits to operate.


Researchers develop new class of antibiotic in what they hope will be a prong in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

FDA approves AstraZeneca’s new drug for the treatment of rare disease hairy cell leukemia, Lumoxiti.

Boehringer Ingelheim bets in oncolytic viruses and buys ViraTherapeutics for US$244 million.

Takeda gets China’s approval for the acquisition of Shire. Valued at US$62 billion, this will be the largest acquisition in history by a Japanese company.



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