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The Week in Healthcare: Pharmaceuticals Vs. Documentaries



There were ups and downs in the pharmaceutical sector this week. Sanofi reported better than expected profits, Elli Lilly’s Elanco launched a US$100 million IPO and Bayer received a US$9 billion check for the sale of agricultural assets. On the other hand, Brexit is making Novartis and Sanofi nervous and Bayer had strong words with Netflix.

In Mexico, Olivia Lopez Arellano is named as new Minister of Health of Mexico City, Baja California strengthened its position in the medical devices industry and the OECD reported that Mexicans spend 41 percent of their income on healthcare.

This week Mexico Health Review spoke with Linet Group’s Mauricio Valero on the country’s population changes, their implications and ways to cater to them.

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Olivia Lopez Arellano is named as the new Minister of Health of Mexico City. She stated among her goals to ensure that hospitals and medical centers have sufficient personnel available to care for the city’s population.

Baja California strengthens its position in the medical devices industry. The state aims to position itself as leader in medical devices in Latin America.

OECD points that Mexicans spend about 41 percent of their income in health-related needs.


Brexit is making pharmaceuticals overtly cautious with Novartis and Sanofi stockpiling medicines to prepare for potential supply disruptions.

Sanofi reports better-than-expected profits for its second quarter thanks in part to growing Genzyme sales.

Eli Lilly’s Elanco filed for an initial public offering of US$100 million. Eli Lilly also reported a 9 percent growth year on year.

Bayer sells assets to chemical producer BASF for US$9 billion complying part of the deal the drug manufacturer had to make to buy agricultural company Monsanto. In other news, the pharmaceutical is exchanging words with Netflix over its documentary on Bayer’s birth control implant, Essure.


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