This Week in Healthcare: More Price Cuts on the Way 

 enero 25, 2022

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This Week in Healthcare: More Price Cuts on the Way


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The pharmaceutical industry continues to navigate pricing in the US, with both Novartis and Merck readjusting the prices of the medications they sell in the country. Another price dispute, this time between Germany and major publisher Elsevier, led the latter to cut access to its journals to all researchers in the Bavarian country. In more positive news, researchers study potential way to cure genetic diseases before birth.

In Mexico, UNAM released a study linking sugar drinks with major diseases, the Minister of Health highlighted the importance of care to the country’s future and former director of DIF states that this institution will now be managed by the Ministry of Health.

On the matter of research, Mexico Health Review spoke with CINVESTAV’s José Mustre de León on the center’s R&D capabilities.


Mexico’s Minister of Health, Jose Narro, highlighted the importance of education, collaboration and healthcare for the future of the country.

UNAM study links sugary drinks with numerous diseases including cancer and Type 2 diabetes.

The National System for the Integral Development of Families (DIF) will be under the direction of the Ministry of Health.


Novartis reports 5 percent growth in sales during 2Q18. The company also halted price increases of 40 drugs, while it deals with the aftermath of Cohen scandal.

Merck climbs aboard the price cut train and reduces the price of its hepatitis C drug Zepatier by 60 percent and the price of six other drugs by 10 percent.

Scientific publishing powerhouse Elsevier cuts off access to researchers from Germany and Sweden due to costs dispute.

Researchers treat genetic diseases in mice before their birth by injecting genetically-altered viruses to the fetus. Researchers hope this technique may eventually be used to treat genetic diseases in humans.


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